Posted on Mar 20, 2019

It is officially Spring! The birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming, but yet your clothes and skin are still feeling the winter blues. Talk about a mood kill.

At niche. we have an entire section of our store dedicated to various forms of lavender. By now you’ve probably heard all the benefits of lavender from calming anxiety to aiding with sleep. It can even be used to brighten skin and aid in the fight against acne. The benefits are seemingly endless, there’s a reason why the ancient Egyptians loved this stuff, and why it has been around ever since. At niche, we don’t see a need to break from these traditions anytime soon.

In our store, we have so many different lavender products to choose from, which means we have something for every individual need. Want to freshen up those musty sheets or add a calming aroma to a guest room before your in-laws visit? Our linen splash is perfect for this! Maybe you want to refresh your tired skin after a long winter. Why not try some of our lavender soap or lotion that also contains chamomile and shea butter? Before you start to pack away those winter coats, grab a lavender sachet-by-the-yard to hang in the closet to deter moths for the next year. Or cut the sachet into smaller pieces and place throughout your drawers. We even have stuffed monkeys and bunnies, that contain lavender!

You could do your own research, comb the internet and try to find all the facts and statistics regarding the benefits of lavender or you could swing by and snag a lavender product to see for yourself. We think our lavender selection will have you feeling fresh and rejuvenated as spring rolls in.

We can’t wait to see you soon!


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